The Delta Initiative  By Jim Ackerman of Ascend Marketing

How to Easily, Permanently Change,
Whatever Sucks in Your Business
or Your Life
in 30 Minutes a Day, in 120 Days or Less

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Jim Ackerman is a marketing consultant, advertising writer, speaker and author. His Principle-Centered Marketing Coaching� Program has helped hundreds of companies dramatically improve marketing results in remarkably short times.


How To
Permanently Change Whatever Sucks in Your Business or Your Life


If you�ve ever been frustrated by an inability to change something in your business, your life or your relationships, this little gem is for you.


Finally, discover why knowledge really isn�t power, and why so many of your attempts to change have wound up on the scrap heap.


�You can teach an old dog new tricks, and you can do it quickly, with permanent results."

Jim Ackerman

That�s what The Delta Initiative is all about:


Whatever your quest is:

  • quitting smoking

  • renewing your marriage

  • losing 10 pounds

  • to making 10 million bucks

then by following the simple formula I�m about to reveal you will change your business and/or your life, in 120 days or less.




A snappy, entertaining, and straight-shooting,
 one-hour read that will change your life forever.


Complete with audio program for pounding the principles into your brain until you own them, and easy-to-use implementation tool, to help you instantly put the Delta Initiative Process to work in your life.  



 �I was just going to read the first few pages, but I couldn't stop.  I read the whole thing� This is a very practical lifestyle change for continual improvement.�

Dave Rollins, Director of International Finance

Franklin Covey



�I have followed Jim�s Delta Initiative Process in my business and things have really taken off.�

Dian Thomas

New York Times Best Selling Author



"I have thoroughly enjoyed the ideas your book has given me to change and improve some issues both personally and in business. I look forward togrowing over the next quarter (and perpetually thereafter) -- in large part due to the timing of your book in tandem with some personal inspection pointing to need for change. In other words, just as I was thinking aboutwhat it would take to grow to the next level, and improve where weaknesses were causing problems -- you shared your talents with me. I do not believe much in coincidence -- so, I am going to take this seriously as a blueprint to success. I look forward to sharing with you my results..."

C. Ryan Dunn
Financial Strategist



"The Delta Initiative" is an easy read but packed with power and truth that any person can use to make a real difference in any aspect of life for their entire life!
Jim's system is so simple and obvious that, like seeing other great inventions, I had to ask myself why I hadn't quantified these principles in this way myself. In fact I recognized that I had unknowingly followed this process in progressing from a somewhat sedentary 40 year old to completing multiple marathons and three Ironman Triathlons in a period of 3 years. 
As I read,   I continually thought of friends and family who could benefit from this book. The morning after my first read I gave my copy to a friend who is trying to quit smoking. I've ordered another copy for myself and more to pass along as gifts. 
Jim's approach is direct but not offensive. I recognize in his writing a sincere desire to help others make a real, positive difference in their lives.
If you're not on my gift list I recommend you check it out for yourself and put it to work eliminating what really sucks in your life!

Jeff Carter
Exposure Graphics




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1.  An audio CD and a nice little implementation tool piece of software at no additional charge.

2.  A one-year GUARANTEE on the book. If you decide it's not for you, any time up to a full year following purchase, return the book and receive a full refund.

3.  A FREE 3-hour workshop, on Stealth Marketing - an MP3 file of a live event


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